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The Holistic Sleep Academy™

BETTER zzz ahead! 

✔   [Lifetime Access] 4-Phase Training Course Roadmap: The exact actionable steps to master your sleep without medication in this simplified, self-study holistic sleep improvement online course

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Here's what you'll get:

You're exhausted spending ALL your time researching "how to get better sleep" to STILL not sleep well, so you get even more frustrated. 

You dread going to bed because it takes forever to fall asleep, and your mind won't stop racing.

You're following all of "Dr. Google's sleep advice" and hoping something will eventually work.

You're spinning ALL your wheels trying different "hacks," tips, tricks, pillows, and products.

You're sick of relying on sleep meds + supplements to give yourself a "good night's sleep," and you're SO ready for an easier + healthier way.

You want to stop tossing and turning and get a great night's rest every night...

...and you've tried EVERYTHING!

I struggled with my sleep for years too.

I was told by every doctor, friend, and relative to "just take melatonin" or better yet, "just relax." 

None of that advice or really anything else I could find on the Internet would help.

That's when I realized it was my calling to find a better way.

I've dedicated my entire adult life to becoming a sleep doctor and learning from the world's best sleep experts. 

And I was determined to create a solution that actually works, and one that's accessible to anyone. 

That's how the Holistic Sleep Academy™ was born. 

I've figured out how to reverse decades of my own sleep struggles and have implemented this system with countless clients of mine ever since. 

And now it’s time for me to teach YOU how to do the same.

I truly believe quality sleep can be your superpower!

I totally get it. 

Learn what ACTUALLY matters when it comes to mastering your sleep health straight from a Stanford-trained sleep expert. Plus, you'll receive lifetime access to any course updates.

Bonus Two

Easy to use worksheets to help solidify your learning and make sure you hit your milestones + stay on track towards your sleep goals.

Bonus One

The Bonuses

The 8-Week holistic sleep improvement course to help you master your sleep without medication so you can get your best rest!


mASTER your sleep

How to identify common sleep disrupters + poor sleep habits 

How substances (including medication) affect your sleep quality 

How to integrate changes into your lifestyle and make these strategies work for you

Healthy Habits


How to quiet your mind and cultivate sleep acceptance

How to implement the key factors to having a healthier relationship with your sleep

How to make peace with imperfect sleep and have unlimited sleep confidence

Confident Sleep Mindset


How to recognize the role of chronic stress and sleep disruption

How to master the exact practical relaxation strategies that my clients use

How to practice relaxation techniques even if you're busy and don't have much time 

Stress Mastery


How to build the foundation for optimal sleep health

How to uncover the root cause(s) of your sleep difficulties through actionable steps

How to adopt a mind-body approach to your sleeping habits



What You'll Learn 


You can reverse YEARS of sleep issues so you can be in your best health ever.

You can gain CONFIDENCE in your natural sleep ability so you can get quality sleep on a regular basis.

You can sleep SOUNDLY *without* sleeping pills so you can be energized and be an even more present mom, dad, partner, coworker, and/or boss, you name it!

You do NOT have to suffer in silence and can get results without spending hours behind your phone or computer. 

I want to help you get there!

I'M a firm believer 

How it workS

As soon as you enroll, you'll get more details via email, and you can get started on the modules right away. That's right, you can start improving your sleep in just a few minutes from now!

You can go at your own pace and watch the modules on your own time. Each module is bite-sized (i.e., most lessons are less than 10 minutes!). All you need is WIFI + your phone or computer!

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